Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I feel like I might have gone a bit far with this video´s thumbnail! hehe… I was tagged by Andy and Tay (link to their channel on the video description) to film this Halloween video and I had so much fun answering their questions. I have to say I feel a bit like a rookie as its my first tag video and now I want to film more tag videos!

I would love to hear back from you so let me know your answer to the questions on a comment, can be all of them or just a few! Hope you have loads of fun on Halloween and if you have nothing planed, how´s about a horror film marathon?

Monday, 27 October 2014


As we are very close to Halloween, I thought it would be nice to make a list of all the films I want to watch this year and share it with you! Let me know if any of your favourites are in the list and also leave a comment with the films that put you in the Halloween spooky mood.


I love everything about Autumn, I love wearing coats, beanies and drinking hot chocolate whilst a candle is burning and Im warming up with a chunky blanket but from time to time its nice to day dream about a tropical destination and its also uplifting to wear a fragrance that evokes warm sand, sunlight and azurite looking waters.

Before I go any further, I must confess I am not really into seasonal scents; maybe some of you will get me... when it comet to fragrances and many other things I always go for what I really like and the perfect example is this fragrance by The Body Shop.

I bought it right before Autumn started and since then, its been my go-to scent. Im not a perfume guru but I will do my best to describe it to you; it has a clean smell, a few floral notes and I dare to say it has a very gentle touch of roses but not too much to make it dry, it also has delicious water lotus notes that make it feel almost like a gentle breeze.

I find it perfect for a morning pick-me-up, or as a little boost before heading to the gym. It has enough power to stay pretty much all morning until the middle of the day but not too much to annoy.

If the previous wasn't enough day dreaming material… the lovely packaging can do as a background to submerge into a fijian dream and leave the Autumn blues behind.

Fijian Water Lotus Eau De Toilette - Link