Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I meant to make a video for post, I just think it might be fun to film myself trying out products for the first time ever but I totally forgot about it (for that I apologise) and hopefully, next time I buy something random for the sake of experimentation I will make a video for you guys!

This is my first encounter with dry shampoos, I knew about them, know what they are for but never had the need or curiosity to get one myself until now. I´ve been exercising regularly (which is amazing) but I´ve had a bit of a dilemma when it comes to making my hair look fresh after sweating like crazy. I always leave one "day off" between the next time to wash my hair but I simple could not stand the look of my head after 40 minutes of zumba (autocorrect insisted on changing it to rumba) so off I went to get a can off dry shampoo.

Even if I had zero experience with type of shampoos, I sort of knew what I was buying, it had to be Batiste because "everyone here buys it, I see it everywhere and they have tiny cans" but before the moment of my purchase I looked at different brands throughout the internet. Some (cans) looked extremely pretty and some had great reviews but before trying out something like that I thought it would be convenient to try the mainstream stuff (easy peasy)!

I got mine in Sassy and Daring, not really a fan of the name but it was that or other random cheese names… honestly, I shouldn't really care about the name… it has an ok smell, too sweet for my likes but it is a nice smell and it works amazing on my hair. All the ugly shininess disappeared as soon as I brushed my hair, it felt fresh and it looked clean. I also noticed it gives a bit of volume which I would´ve been amazing if I had long hair. 

It is a good product, with great value and it is actually better than I expected!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Pointed toe pump / Midnight blue pump / Blue rose pump / Leopard pump
Asymmetrical Sandal / Matt sandal

Dior can be the synonym of elegance, they type of elegance that has a beautiful simplicity and can achieve a jaw dropping effect in so many for so less. Dior shoes are made to fit the phrase "less is more", but it is in these few details where we can find the key notes to a nonchalant panache (I love this word right now).

While starring at my screen looking at all those gorgeous designs, I could´t help but ask myself the following question; If I could choose six Dior shoes that I could take home with me, which would those be?

This question was of great help to decided which shoes to include on this post, otherwise, I would´ve spent hours starring at my laptop… after a couple of minutes I finally came up with my dream Dior shoe collection. I find these to be the most outstanding & everyday-life-friendly designs out of all the new collection, but that´s just me!

Now I ask you a similar question, If you could choose one pair of these shoes, which one would that be? Leave your answer in the comments section!

Hope you´re having a wonderful Tuesday!


Dior puede ser sinónimo de elegancia, el tipo de elegancia que posee una hermosa simplicidad y que puede lograr dejar boquiabiertos a muchos con tan poco. Los zapatos Dior están hechos a la medida justa para acompañar la frase "menos es más", pero es en esos pequeños detalles en los que encontramos los principales elementos de su elegancia característica.

Mientras me encontraba viendo todos esos hermosos diseños, no pude evitar preguntar a mi misma la siguiente pregunta; Si pudiera escoger seis zapatos Dior que pudiera llevarme a casa, cuales serian?

Esta pregunto me fue de ayuda para poder elegir los zapatos para este post, de otra manare, hubiera permanecido frente a mi laptop inmóvil por horas… después de par de minutos pude construir mi colección de zapatos Dior de ensueño. Creo que estos, son los diseños mas sobresalientes y funcionales de toda la nueva colección, pero esa es mi opinión!

Ahora te hago una pregunta similar; Si pudieras escoger un par de los zapatos que aquí vemos, cual sería? Deja tu respuesta en los comentarios!

Espero tengas un lindo Martes!

Monday, 28 July 2014



Another captivating picture I found back home, one of my dad´s friends posing with "El Cerro de la Silla" behind him circa 1970s. Great scenery and also love how the blurriness  of the photo makes it a very ethereal moment from the past!


Otra cautivante imagen que encontré cuando estuve en casa, un amigo de mi papá posa con el cerro de la Silla como fondo, esto fué alrededor de los años 70s. Genial paisaje y también me gusta como lo borroso de la foto le da un toco etéreo a este momento del pasado.